The Joy Of It – Track Listing:


  1. A Snowy Night in March
  2. Benoit and Julia
  3. El Baile del Puma
  4. The Joy of It
  5. Prayer for Oliver
  6. The Blue Reel
  7. Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Jones
  8. MacDougall's Pride
  9. The French Set
  10. For Reelz
  11. Horseshoes and Rainbows
  12. The Irish Set

A word from our producers:

“It’s been a total privilege to record such an energized group of young musicians.  They have worked incredibly hard to prepare for this project and every bit of it paid off in the studio. The patience and focus that the kids showed during the sessions was really inspiring. There’s been a lot of build up for this,and they maintained their excitement right to the end of the recording phase. The effort and care that went into arranging and preparing the music for this album makes me really excited for it to be heard by fiddle lovers worldwide. I think listeners are going to be very impressed with the level of musicality and creativity in this group.”

–  Adrian Dolan, Sound Engineer and Producer

“I feel honoured to have worked with this group of amazing young musicians over the past ten years. It has been a remarkable journey watching them grow up and grow together as a group. Through years of playing together they have gained the skills to master complex arrangements and have created a seamless blend of instruments, big and small, which they should be very proud of. I certainly am!”

– Chelsea Sleep, Musical Director and Producer

The Joy Of It: Now Available on the Sunshine Coast:


1)  Mellon Glass Studio – Langdale Heights

Lower Gibsons: 

2)  GAIA’S Fair Trade – Lower Gibsons
3)  The Blackberry Shop – Lower Gibsons
4)  Sa Boothroyd’s Gallery – Gibsons Pier
5)  The Black Bean Cafe – Lower Gibsons

Upper Gibsons:

6)  Gibsons Copy Shop – Kern’s Plaza
7)  Wood’s Showcase – Sunnycrest Mall
8)  The Swallow’s Nest – Hwy 101

Roberts Creek:

9)  MELOmania – Beautiful downtown Roberts Creek


10)  Fresh From The Coast – 5721 Cowrie St.

Madeira Park:

11)  Bluewaters Books – Pender Harbour

Garden Bay:

12)  Flying Anvil Studio & Gallery – Garden Bay